Gajendra Haldea Memorial Trust

As per the Will of Shri Gajendra Haldea, this charitable trust has been established in his memory for charitable and philanthropic purposes.


The principal objects of this Trust are to undertake the following activities in the memory of Shri Gajendra Haldea:

  1. To conduct programmes/events and publish materials relating to and in the memory of Shri Gajendra Haldea and his grandmother, Smt. Chandra Kunwar Haldea
  2. To establish, manage, support, acquire, run and/or grant aid in cash and/or kind and other financial assistance to schools, colleges, libraries, reading rooms, hospitals, old age homes, orphanages, youth clubs, sports clubs, hostels, child and women welfare centres and other institutions of like nature at any place or places in the Indian Union, especially in the state of Rajasthan, for the education and health amongst the public in general
  3. To support and facilitate restoration of various properties, temples and institutions built by the Haldea family
  4. To arrange, encourage, assist, and finance the research and writing, printing and publication of books and websites on the Haldea family
  5. To provide help to the needy, physically and mentally handicapped and the poor
  6. To grant scholarships, prizes, stipends, loans and research fellowships to children and women
  7. To organise social, cultural and environmental activities for channelising youth energy into constructive and creative directions
  8. To advance the cause of Indian poetry/literature in Hindi, Urdu and Rajasthani languages by holding poetry/prose, music and other cultural programmess, kavi sammelans/mushairas, seminars etc. and by doing all other acts and things in the cause of Indian poetic/prose traditions and the institutions devoted to Indian poetry/prose or traditions in the above languages.

The Trust shall associate/affiliate and render assistance and/or grant aid to other public charitable trusts or institutions having objectives similar to this Trust and to take over the management of any other public charitable institutions, projects/branches of any institution on such terms and conditions the Trust thinks fit and to manage such institutions.


Ashok Lavasa

Hemant Sahai

Pooja Haldea